Never Too Early for Christmas Lists…

Before anyone comes at me saying “it’s not even Halloween let along Thanksgiving yet” I know, I just like to be prepared! (Also I love Christmas more than anything…) Being a book lover and all around bookish person I decided to put together a great list of things other book loving introverts (or extroverts) might also love for Christmas! So whether you’re looking to add to your Christmas list or maybe hoping to purchase for someone else you will be able to find something!

First phase of this list includes cozy things that any bookworm would love for the perfect night of reading. Every book lover needs blankets, mugs and tea (trust me, I know) so I went on a hunt to find some of the cutest items in this category! (Just click on the title for each item to be redirected to that link…)

Weighted Chunky Knit Blanket

Okay, I am going to start with the most costly thing on my list, this $150 blanket from Amazon. There are only 60 reviews on this blanket but they are all stellar! I have been on the hunt for a weighted blanket for a while now that checks off all of my boxes. This one does that! It’s not only a weighted blanket, but it’s big enough (twin sized), it’s knit, it’s a cooling blanket and it’s aesthetically pleasing! I am an anxious book worm so I was VERY excited to find this gem to add to my own Christmas list. I envision many nights sitting in my bed with this hefty and lovely blanket wrapped around me!

Cute & Practical Mugs

A cozy night of reading isn’t complete without your favorite cup of hot tea (or maybe decaf coffee)! And if you are going to have a cuppa you mine as well make it a cute cup!

First up, this ADORABLE $18 dog coffee mug! I am a sucker for impractical and adorable mugs and this checks both of those boxes! This mug has an adorable topper as well as a small spoon in the shape of a puppy paw! It’s a 14oz mug so the perfect size for a night time cup!

The other mug ($17) is fantastic as well, as it’s not only geometrically appealing (with a lovely handle) but it also has a tea strainer that can be put in or taken out. This is great if you love a good loose leaf tea like myself but don’t like dealing with strainers that are not a part of the mug. This mug is also a 17oz lidded mug!

Loose Leaf Nighttime Tea

I am a huge fan of a good nighttime tea and Harney & Sons makes some of my favorite teas! I love their breakfast blends of teas and this one is a new tea to me. A good decaf cup of coffee always hits the spot, but nothing soothes and relaxes like a warm cuppa at night! The description of this tea is fantastic as well. If you need a tea to wind you down after a long day and give you a good night of sleep this seems like the tea for you! The only issue you might have is falling asleep while you read!

Christmas Reads

Okay, there are A LOT of amazing Christmas and holiday themed books out there and I can tell you that a lot of these are on my current book list for Christmas as well! Each book will have the link to Amazon next to it, but here are a few indie bookstores I support as well:

1.) The Christmas Bookshop (click title for link)

The nice thing about this book, and all of the books I am about to share via Amazon, is if you have someone with a Kindle on your Christmas list, this is a great way to surprise them and gift them something that can instantly be delivered to them. This book is centered around a woman looking for a job and takes one at a bookshop! What’s not to love!

2.) Window Shopping

If you have ever read any of Tessa Bailey’s book you know they are higher on the steam chart and from what I have hear this book is no exception. The only difference from her other books? It’s a standalone Christmas/holiday novel, so what is not to love about that!

3.) Dashing Through the Snow

What’s not to love about a Hallmark style Christmas book from Debbie Macomber? This book is completely adorable and hilarious and will have you laughing and swooning while you read it! This is one on my Christmas list that I actually have read but do not own. I listened to the audiobook a few days back and it is work the read!

My hope is that you can find something on this list for that book lover in your life (or maybe yourself) as we head into the holiday season! These things come from my own personal Christmas list and I spent hours searching and scouring Amazon for the perfect additions to this book lover’s list. There are other small shops out there that have amazing gift options as well, so be on the lookout for that blog post in the next 2 weeks! Remember to buy early this year and to support small businesses as well this Christmas!

Happy reading (and shopping)!

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