Jacquie’s Winter Favorites!

Continuing my favorites with a Winter blog consisting of all my favorites! While it’s not winter yet, we certainly are feeling the Christmas spirit here with music on the radio and Hallmark channel starting its annual countdown! I figured with the Christmas season coming and a time of gifting ahead, I would share some of my favorites.

First up, I adore fun cardigans and this one is no exception! This cardigan is possibly the most classy looking piece of clothing I have ever owned and it is so well made! I wore it for the first time this week and the amount of compliments I got was unreal. It has the richest colors and is such a thick knit. It’s amazing! This cardigan is from the brand Vertigo and I picked it up from Jean Marie’s boutique. If you are looking for a lovely cardigan for a Christmas celebrations or a gift for a family member, this would be so perfect!

Tumblers are always a go to! These can be such a great gift and there are so many on the market to choose from – which can make this so difficult to find the right one. Thankfully for you all, I have bought WAY too many tumblers and I have found one of my favorite by Simply Modern! This water tumbler/coffee tumbler is so versatile and would make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one on your list. This is the Forest color found on Amazon and while it’s a great color for Christmas, it’s also a good color for anyone on your list, daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister, friend – you name it! This tumbler can be used for hot and cold beverages and has interchangeable lids for that!

My friends, if you have not tried C.C. Beanies you are missing out! These beanies are incredible and so cozy! I currently own 3, but I hope to accumulate more this year during Christmas. They come in so many colors and styles and make such perfect and thoughtful gifts. Giving someone a beanie or gloves always strikes me as incredibly kind and thoughtful. These beanies can range anywhere from $15-$25ish and have such a great longevity as hats. I have one C.C. Beanie I have now had for 4 years from Jean Marie’s and it is in fantastic shape!

Okay – if you love peppermint mochas this is the coffee for you this holiday season! I got this coffee last year, but they must have improved it because this year it is the absolutely perfect blend! My mom and dad are the sweetest people ever and gifted me this coffee as an early present this year! They were lucky enough to find it at TJ Maxx for $8 but you can also purchase it at Joffrey’s online store as well (along with all of the other amazing winter/holiday/Christmas blends)!

Last but not least, I am such a fan of silk scarves lately! These make such great headbands or accessories for bags. These are so inexpensive, but again can make such meaningful and beautiful gifts around Christmas time. To add to that, they are the perfect way to jazz up any outfit! This one I purchased off of Amazon and is so incredibly intricate and pretty. If you are looking to give someone a lovely gift this year and not spend an arm and a leg, this is it!

Whew, okay! That is my roundup for Winter favorites and things that would make the perfect gift this holiday season. Good luck with the busy days and weeks ahead this holiday season!!

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To Watch DWTS or Not To…

Well, I have been a faithful watcher of Dancing with the Starts (DWTS) for years now and I have seen it through many ups and downs (thought it has felt like more downs lately). For now I am going to just post about my thoughts on this season as it’s at its half way point and the move to Disney+ and playing live there on Monday nights.

First thought – the move to Disney+ was genius on the part of the producers. They eliminated the need for commercials and the definite end time which was an issue when it aired live on TV. This has really freed up time constraints for the show, even though they still have a set “run time” for each episode, it’s a bit more flexible. This is something that always bothered me with live TV because it felt so rushed, so that’s amazing!

Okay, I am going to balance out that positive with something negative… the hosts. Tyra was not my favorite host the last few seasons, she seems confused 90% of the time and has a hard time listening to the “people upstairs” in her earpiece while reacting on the floor. The one thing Erin and Tom had going for them is they worked well together, but because Erin interviewed for sports she had that component down. Some of the questions that Tyra asks feel so off and not in touch with what’s going on, so they brought in Alfonso Ribeiro to balance her out this year. As a DWTS veteran and someone who has worked with Tyra I thought there would be an improvement, but somehow they are more cringey working together. We’ll see if that chemistry and questioning improves with future seasons, but my judgement is still out.

Finally, the themed nights are SO much better than they used to be I think! With it being on Disney+ I think they have more liberties and freedoms as far as what they can do. There have been dance lessons in between, short team dances, fun packages and so much more! In addition to that there is more time spent talking and getting to know each contestant in these looser time constraints. You really start to get to know who these people are and I love that.

WHEW – okay, that’s it on my thoughts on DWTS that nobody asked for. But here you go and I am sure I will have more when the season finishes!


OOTD-Midwestern Cowgirl

I thought it might be fun to break apart my outfit of the day or “OOTD” once in a while! I always love to shop deals and I think once you find your personal style, no matter what it is, it can be so empowering! My style really changes with my mood and the season, but one thing that stays true is my love for neutral colors. Though I love neutrals I push myself with color from time to time and stray from my normal beige, taupe and grey. Today’s outfit, though full of color also kept my safety net favorites in tact!

So basically, I got these new cowgirl (boy) boots and I wanted to wear them and then I was like, HECK we are going full country!! So I went full country with them! I’m going to break apart the pieces of this outfit (minus the leggings because you can get good leggings anywhere).

This adorable dress was bought on SUPER clearance from Jean Marie’s summer stock (around $15). It’s a gorgeous Mud Pie dress that I thought would transition perfectly into Fall and I was not wrong! Its so cute with the embroidery on gingham and makes you want to go square dancing or maybe have a picnic!

Next key piece to this midwestern cowgirl’s outfit, was the boots! These have been on my list since the end of July when I started to see them creep into other influencers closets and feeds. This particular brand is by Yoki Fashion and I again got them through Jean Marie’s ($58). I can’t tell you how much I love these boots! They are incredibly comfortable and with the slight heal, they give this short girl a little height!

Once I had the boots and the dress set, I knew I was going a cowgirl direction so it was time for some fun accessories!

  • I got these gold rimmed, pearl centered earrings a few weeks ago and I am absolutely in love with them. They are large enough that they make a statement, yet dainty enough to go with anything.
  • The necklace is SO unique as it has 3 gold hoops wrapped in a tan leather strip. Not only does this necklace give major boho vibes, but it’s also adjustable!
  • Finally the hat! I got this hat as a Christmas gift a few years back and have been really into wearing it this year! I am a hat person through and through, but many brimmed hats like this end up being too large for my head. Not the case with this one – as it fits perfectly!

Okay – this is definitely not going to be a daily thing for me, but I would love to share at least one of my outfits once a week. A huge part of this blog and my instagram are now fashion and I wanted to incorporate that in some way!


Jacquie’s Fall Favorites!

I’ve decided to make this a seasonal thing, and as we transition into the seasons I am going to share some my favorites (not before – because God knows we are already forced into seasons too early). I did a post similar to this during the summer and it was so fun to write and share seem of my favorites, from fashions to reads. I thought I would do it again, so here we go!

Did I discover a new kind of apple this fall that I absolutely love? You bet your butt I did! I stumble upon the SweeTango apple at Aldi last week and I fell in love! It’s like a mix between a Honeycrisp and Pink Lady apple and I love it! If you love apples and fall fruits this is a must and you have to check it out! Here is a LINK and a little more about it, but you can’t go wrong with this one! This is a new fall favorite to me and I can see it making a really good carmel apple, or even sliced and dipped into carmel!

I cannot emphasize this enough, the Oat Milk brown sugar creamer by Natural Bliss is INCREDIBLE. First off, I am actually lactose intolerant and I have always hated almond milk but I adore the taste of oat milk, flavored or not. This creamer is heavenly and pairs just as well with coffee as it does with a nice hot chai tea. If you are going to try a new creamer this Fall – this is your creamer!

Everyone loves a good dupe, right? Well these jackets by Zenana are an AMAZING Free People Dupe! The Free People quilted jacket will run you $198, while this amazing Zenana jacket will run you just $78 from Jean Maries. I personally own this jacket and I am obsessed with the style, fit and weight of it! It is perfect to wear as a jacket on its own, or even a shacket like piece as we transition to winter later on! I am a bit fan of the colors and acid wash as well, you just can’t beat this dupe!

I love the look of the Chelsea Boot and have owned several variations of them through the years, but these off white Chelsea Boots from Corky’s are to die for. They are so comfy and made so durably! My pair was purchased through Jean Marie’s but I am sure you can find them through other small boutiques!

The Lurella Fade color lipstick is a whole 90’s/fall mood! I am not one that wears a lot of lipstick, but when I do I love fun colors like this! I happened upon this by accident through a live sale on the Jean Marie’s shopping app and I thought – why not?! I am so glad I did because it is one of my new favorite colors. Its like a purple-y/brown color and it’s so fun! The compliments I get when I wear it always come pouring in!

Are you looking for a cozy mystery series to devour this fall? I was and I scoured the internet until I found the perfect one for me, Death by Coffee. This series is cheesy and adorable and full of mystery. I am currently on the 3rd book, Death by Pumpkin Spice and loving it so so much!! If you want to get the vibe for it before picking it up, thinking Hallmark Mysteries and it is right up that alley. This will be perfect for a rainy fall day at home! I am currently reading through the series on my Kindle, but honestly you could go to the library, the Kindle route or even grab the paperbacks as they are fairly inexpensive as well!

This amazing reading (tablet) pillow was a bit of a viral sensation at only $19.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond! If you had a coupon it was an even better steal. While I don’t think it necessarily is as structured as the image makes it look, it is soft and does the job! The softness alone is a win for me as I love a good cozy pillow, even if it is just for my books! While they no longer have the above pillow style in stock, they have one with another type of fuzzy material available HERE if you want to check it out! This would be a fantastic gift for a reader as well!

Whew! Okay – I think those are all of my “favorites” so far! I love each of these items and own or use each of them, so I can promise I have loved them! Also, I am not sponsored in any way by any of these companies, I just don’t believe in gatekeeping and feel strongly about sharing amazing products. ENJOY!

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Tea Time is the Best Time

Don’t get me wrong, I love a hot cup of coffee in the morning as much as the next person, but tea has always held a special spot in my heart. I love a good iced tea, some tea with lemonade and a nice steaming cup of tea just before bed or on a chilly morning. Tea has been an integral part of life since high school when one of my friends introduced me to my first cup of tea!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite straight teas, as well as my favorite combinations! Whether you like sugar or a strong cuppa I got the fix for you to curl up with book and enjoy!

First up is one of my favorite drinks from Biggby Coffee about 5 years ago! They had the genius idea to create an Arnold Palmer of sorts, with this Harney & Sons Chinese Flower tea. It was incredible.

Here is what you need to make this tea:

  • 16 or 20oz cup
  • Boiling Water
  • Ice
  • Lemonade (my favorite is Simply Lemonade)
  • Lavender Syrup (I love Monin but there are lots of others)
  • Harney and Sons Chinese Flower Tea

And here’s the process to create that:

  • Fill your cup with ice.
  • Boil water.
  • Once water is boiled put 2 tea bags in a mug and fill (steep about 8oz for the 20oz cup and 6oz for the 16oz cup for 5-8 minutes).
  • In your cup of ice, add 1-2 pumps of lavender syrup.
  • Add tea to the cup.
  • Top off with lemonade.
  • Mix it all up and enjoy!

This is a very refreshing tea, full of flavor and perfect for a spring/summer day. Or if you need a pick me up in the winter, this would do the trick for sure!

On to probably my all time favorite drink, matcha lemonade! I adore matcha lemonade and it took me a while to get the Starbucks-ish “recipe” figured out. This was not beaus it’s hard to create, but because I couldn’t find a matcha I loved for this. After A LOT of trial and error I found Matcha Love on Amazon and it was perfect!

Here’s what you need:

  • Lemonade
  • Matcha (I recommend Matcha Love Barista blend but you can use what you prefer.)

How to make:

  • I like to take a 16 or 20oz cup and fill halfway with ice.
  • Next I fill to the top with lemonade.
  • If 16oz add 1 TBSP of Matcha if 20oz at 2 TBSP.
  • Put lid on, cover straw hole and shake for 20-30 seconds.
  • Put the straw in and enjoy!

This is such a light and refreshing drink and whether it is summer or winter it is a go to for me! I love it on the weekends as my sugary treat while I read and unwind from the stress of the work week!

How about some classic tea? I remember the very first time I tried Irish Breakfast Tea and I was hooked! I had the Twinnings Irish Breakfast tea in college for the first time and I was hooked. Since then I have updated how I enjoy mine so no instructions here. Let me just say, you CANNOT beat oat milk with sugar mixed into this tea. It is delicious and caffeinated and PERFECT for anyone trying to go for tea instead of coffee in the morning. I 10/10 recommend this if you want to give tea a try!

Here’s what you need:

  • Irish Breakfast Tea (I like Twinnings but anything will do)
  • Oatmilk (I honestly love the Aldi brand the best!)
  • Sugar (any kind you want and however much you want)

Again, it’s delicious and perfect for a chilly morning in the fall or winter. I can’t recommend it enough if you are hoping to cross over from coffee to tea.

Last but not least is a new one for me – an Apple Pie Chai and some delicious honey! I am late to the chai game but I love the “spiciness” of it. If you have ever had any kind of chai you know what I mean by spiciness, as chai has a delicious spice taste to it because of the tea leaves. If you have never tried chai, the Apple Pie Chai from The Republic of Tea is a great place to start! I also usually don’t like honey in my tea, but Chai Spice Honey is amazing in this chai tea. If you want a warm and cozy fall drink this is it!

Here’s what you need:

  • Chai (I love Apple Pie Chai)
  • Honey (check out the Chai Spice Honey!)
  • A splash of milk if you want it!

This is such a great fall/winter drink! It is cozy and delicious and sure to warm you up on a cool day!

Okay – that’s what I have for you friends! Go out, make tea, read a book and enjoy life!

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Finding Your Style

Do you ever wonder if you’ll ever find your style or if you are just regurgitating what everyone else is posting or buying? This is something I grapple with not just with clothing but with books. It took me too long to find my style so I thought I would share mine as well as how I found it (both clothing and books).

Why not start with my clothing style? This has evolved and changed over time and it’s something that I have so struggled with. I have gone from sporting event shirts and jeans, to dresses, to dELIA’S catalogues, to fast fashion and to everything in between! I finally in the last 2-3 years have come to my own in my clothes. I feel comfortable and confident in my clothes which is something that I haven’t felt until recently. I love a flowy pant as much as I love a graphic tee. If I had to label my style as anything I would probably call it “Hobbit Chic” because I am all about looking cute and being comfortable!

How did I get to the point where I found clothing I like though? Well, it was A LOT of trial and error. Two issues I had when shopping and choosing outfits in the past were picking cheap clothing or just copying what I saw other people wearing. That didn’t work for me. I have a 5’2″ athletic build and a lot of what I was seeing was on models close to 6′ tall, their body proportions are vastly different then mine! When it came to cheap clothing, I have nothing against finding a deal, but picking quality pieces makes a difference. Instead of cycling through clothes that were constantly falling apart or incredibly thin, I started by investing in some quality basics and that’s what made the difference. Almost all of my shopping happens at (and their app), but honestly you can’t beat going into a small boutique and getting some custom help! Jean Maries does an amazing job of helping me find things that fit my body and personality, so I would highly recommend finding a small boutique near you and asking the sales associate for some help. They’ll love helping you and you’ll feel so good by the time you leave!

I thought I would share a few inspiration pieces and things I actually have in my own closet below. But this is my general closet make-up/style. I definitely have some bright colors thrown in, but I love earth tones and burnt orange/mustard colors as well!

My reading style has definitely changed and evolved over time as well. It honestly was very similar to the process I went through with clothing, but with books. I actually grew up hating books, similar to hating clothes. My hate of books was based in my dyslexia, so I feel like I had a good reason when I was younger! As I grew up I started to develop more and more of an interest in reading. This interest started with the Trixie Belden series and grew through high school with the Twilight books. Throughout college I devoured dystopian novels and by the end of college I had discovered Bookstagram!

Now, I love Bookstagram and all book themed social media, but I found myself reading and buying everything that everyone else was. I muddled through this stage of my reading for the last 6 years, until this year. This year I took at 4 months hiatus from bookish social media and bought and read what I felt like buying and reading. This has forever changed me! Now I am reading and loving the things I actually enjoy!

So what’s my reading style then? Well, I am a mood reader through and through, but I have found historical fiction, adult sci-fi and fantasy are my go tos! Bookstagram (and bookish social media) pushes a lot of Romance and YA and those are things I thought I enjoyed until I started to branch out and find my bookish “style”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still think those are great genres, but they are not my bookish style. I think it’s important for us to know ourselves and not just follow the crowd. Sure, experiment, read things outside of your comfort zone, but it’s always nice to have your own bookish flare!

Here’s a look at my bookish style:

There we go – that’s all! This might be interesting to you, or you might find it a useless read. Either way, it was fun to write and share my journey as a person!

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Fall Trends & Reads

Honesty time, I love clothes. My collection of clothing rivals that of my books and that’s the truth! I love mixing and matching my clothes to my moods and the seasons. I try to keep myself from wearing the same thing too many times by switching up what I wear and mixing my pieces of clothing too! I find that some things work, while others, well, not so much… But in the process it’s been fun to discover my own style! With this I thought I would share some of my favorites heading into the Fall as well as some of the more popular trends, but with a twist – each outfit is paired with a book that I think would be a cozy Fall read!

Vest/Black Skinny Jeans

One trend that 100% love is the vests! Vests are HUGE this Fall and I love the chunky knit vests the best. They are so cozy and can be worn so many different ways with so many different shoes. If you grew up in the 90’s you might have PTSD from some of the not as attractive sweater vests that are parents put us in, but NO MORE. Now we can style them so many ways while looking cozy and cute for the Fall! Take a pair of black jeans, some ankle boots and you have yourself an adorable outfit, ready for work, school or maybe just a cozy day at home!

So what book am I pairing with this cozy outfit? Death by Pumpkin Spice! I love a cheesy mystery book so much and this one is so similar to Hallmark Mysteries! This would be the perfect book to take on the go or curl up with and read on a chilly Fall day.

Shacket/Faux Leather Leggings

Another of my favorite Fall trends is the shacket. Do I own 8 shackets? Yes. Do I still want more? Also yes. I love how comfy and versatile they are! You can throw it over a hoodie, a graphic tee, cropped top or whatever your heart desires. One item I love to pair my shackets with this are my faux leather leggings. These look so sharp for the fall and are honestly ridiculously comfortable. As far as footwear goes, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white or off white sneakers. I have loved pairing my white sneakers with everything from leggings to dresses this past year, they are so versitile!

What to pair with this comfy Fall outfit? Legends & Lattes! This book is adorable in so many different ways. How can you not love a fantasy world with a coffee shop?! I mean seriously, this book is the definition of a Fall read and is a must as we head into the crisp/cool air of the Autumn!

Bright Colors/Ballet Flats

I don’t understand it, but here we are, bright colors are in this Fall. You can still wear your favorite Fall tones from the mustards to the browns, but bright colors have worked their way into the mix! Another hot item are ballet flats, and while these are not my cup of tea, they would pair nicely with a pair of brow work pants and maybe a pink top like above! Browns and pinks are going to be a noticeable trend, as they are mixed and matched in multiple ways!

So what do we pair with some fun Fall brights? Love on the Brain! This adorable rom-com is the perfect transition from Summer to Fall. If you want to hold onto the rom-com reads of Summer but you’re ready for that Fall transition, pick this one up. It’s adorable and will leave you swooning for more!

Be on the lookout for more posts like this as I break down some of my favorite and the most popular trends as we head into Fall this year. So many fun options to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

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Fall Vibes and Reading Time

Well friends, we are at the wonderful transition time of year where we are transitioning from Summer to Autumn and I love it. Summer is my absolutely favorite season – I love sitting outside in the sunshine and soaking up all the outdoors time, but Fall is a close second. I love the crispness of the air, the dewey mornings and the cozy reads. I love pumpkin spice and apples and warm baked goods. Give me ALL the lovely Fall things! I figured as we transition I would share some of my favorites to help you get through this in between season that leads us to Fall!

Okay, all of the following have been books I have read as I transition from Summer to Fall and they are perfect for this time of year! I find that I gravitate towards fantasy, mystery, and books with “cozy” vibes this time of year and these books are definitely that!

  • Transitional Books
    • Death By Coffee (1st in series by Alex Erickson)
    • Kings of the Wylde (standalone/1st of duology by Nicholas Eames)
    • Kings Dark Tidings (1st in series by Kel Kade)
    • Legends and Lattes (standalone by Travis Baldree)

Next up, how about some transitional clothing for this time of year? If you took a look at the pictures near the top you would see a few of these items, but I wanted to share some of my favorites as this time of year can be so confusing clothing wise. In the mornings I am bundled up and by the afternoon I feel like i have stripped down to a tank top and shorts!

ALL of these pieces can be found at and I highly recommend checking out their App for GREAT deals as well!

  • Shackets (both shown above in the first 2 images)
    • I am OBSESSED with shackets as you can get all sorts of weights and styles. They are great to take to the office or use as transitional pieces on those chilly mornings when you need something a little more to cover up with.
  • Jeans (specifically more cut-off style jeans)
    • Jeans that are lighter and not “floor length” can provide a great transitional staple! A pair of black denim is not only stylish as well, but can cut as “not jeans” for those of you that might also be teachers and are looking for something comfy as we head into the colder months!
  • Dress (short sleeved)
    • I think that short sleeved knee length dresses are SUCH great transitional pieces! They can function as something you throw on a shacket and some sandals with in the morning and shed that shacket layer in the afternoon. As it gets colder, toss on some leggings and boots and you have yourself a great fall/winter outfit too! This is something that can be used year round!

Those are just a few of my favorite things as we transition into Fall. Expect more cute and cozy things as we continue to transition. I will FOR SURE be sharing lots more of all the cozy things from books to clothes to fall outings so tag along for the ride, It’s sure to be fun!


Summer Favorites

Okay, before you come after me, I know that Summer is not over! In my mind Summer still has a lot of time left to go here, so hold onto your PSL’s and check out some of my favorites so far this summer!

Found at: KEDZIE

First up, the Kedzie bag! This is my second bag from them and I am obsessed with it! This is a side bag and you wear it similar to how you would wear a small side backpack or Lulu belt bag. In my opinion this is the perfect size summer bag, but it also transitions great in Fall as well! This bag holds my wallet, mini fan, keys, sun glasses, chapstick, phone and a few other odds and ends with no problem! Kenzie also makes ADORABLE interchangeable straps that you could add for a touch of color as well! I have 2 bags/purses by Kedzie now and LOVE them!

Found at: GOODR

Next up are my Goodr sunglasses and I am obsessed with these as well! I currently have 5 pairs and I just want them all! Each pair comes packages in a great box with a travel bag. These glasses are all polarized, which I love, and very light weight (perfect for all the Summer activities). If the colors don’t hook you the names sure will! I can’t recommend these enough, especially with most ranging from $25-30. These are a steal and perfect for anyone!

Found at: SOK-IT

Next up is one of my favorite little things ever, the Javasok. I use this thing EVERY single day and I love it. This is the medium sized sleeve and fits over anything from a Venti up for Starbucks and similar coffee cups. What I love about this is it keeps your cup from leaving condensation everywhere. I work from my computer each day and I am always worried about spilling on my keyboard our getting it wet. This lovely little invention eliminates that fear for me and it comes in so many fun colors and sizes!

This is something new to me and a big summer favorite (as I have had it every morning this summer) and that’s Califia Farms Cold Brew (Mocha). This cold brew is amazing! I love that it comes ready to go with almond milk in it. It’s not too sweet but it’s such a smooth coffee and the perfect way to start a warm day! I buy mine from Aldi but have seen it in most major grocery stores as well! I 10/10 recommenced as it saves money and is the perfect treat to start the day!

Onto my favorite book(s) and author of the summer! That goes to Timothy Zahn and his Thrawn books, hands down. I went through 6 straight audiobooks of Thrawn content by Zahn and that was not enough! I can’t explain how well Zahn writes the Star Wars universe and specifically Thrawn. I was drawn in from the first book (seen above) to the 6th of the new books. If you like Star Wars or even sci-fi books these are a must to add to your list!

Found at: GLIKS


Finishing out with two of my favorite fashion items from the summer, some colorful sandals (these are from Gliks) and a light summer shacket (this one is by NewIn)! I can’t emphasize enough how much I love to be comfortable in the summer! I love cute new clothes but I loved even more when they are comfy! I picked up these sandals at the end of June and have worn them everywhere from date night to the Rocky Mountains, I seriously love them. This shacket, though newer, is similar to a few others I have. It is so light weight and PERFECT for those “chilly” summer nights by the campfire or on the boat. These two items have been so used and loved and while the sandals are definitely for summer, I can transition this shacket to fall and winter no problem!

WHEW! Okay, I think that’s everything for now, but I wanted to get those out in the world! I love these items so much and not only have they helped make my summer super enjoyable, they have also brought some joy to my every day life. Check them out or let me know if you already use any of these!