Summer Reading List

What do you look forward to reading in the summer? Do you crave a summer romance novel? Maybe it’s the time of year you like to pick up a memoire or biography? Perhaps you’re more of a summer cozy mystery reader? Whatever you like and where ever you are at with your reading tastes, I thought I would share some of my favorite books to help kick off the summer season ahead!

First up (TOTAL SHOCK…) is Beach Read!

This book took my heart by storm when it came out a few years ago! If you have ever had the chance to visit the Great Lakes (or more specifically the Lake Michigan coast IN Michigan) in the summer this book will pull at your heartstrings! It’s everything we love about a Michigan summer with some steamy “will they/won’t they” enemies to lovers romance thrown in! Highly recommend picking this on up and bringing it to the beach with you!

Next up – Death in Bloom!

This is the absolute PERFECT summertime cozy mystery read! I wrote a blog post HERE a while back about the ABC’s of cozy mysteries and this on is one of those books that takes the cake! It is a summertime read for sure, and with the addition of flowers and corgis you just can’t go wrong! It is a must and I can’t recommend it enough if you are looking to get into the cozy mystery genre this summer!

How about some fantasy – The Awakening!

I know USUALLY we tend to migrate to fantasy during the fall and winter months, but this is a grade A PERFECT read to pick up during the summer! I would say it starts out almost more magical realism and takes that full turn towards fantasy by book 2! Nora Roberts really takes her time setting this up in book 1, so be prepared for a slower start, but once you are on the trip, you will NOT want to put it down!!

Finally – I’m Glad My Mom Died

Okay – don’t come after me over that title, but this memoir is amazing! If you like to sit down with a memoire or biography in the summer this one is a must. The way she writes her story is truly equal parts inspiring and sickening. To see what some child actors go through and experience (especially what she goes through) is eye opening. I took away a lot from this read and have recommended it multiple times to MANY people. If you didn’t pick this one up last summer, you need to this one!

WHEW! Okay – those are the 4 I have for you to kick off these summer months, but never fear I will be back with more! I have so many cozy mystery and romance recs in store for you all so be on the lookout for those!

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