Christina & Lovely Lauren

I have not been to a really big author event in so long, and this one I was heading to on my own so I was just a little nervous! BUT – I didn’t need to be, since it was the most amazing experience. Christina and Lauren are both such lovely humans and write some of the first romance books I ever read!

First off, I drove across Michigan from the West to East side to enjoy this event, so I left with plenty of time and had a few extra minutes to scout the location and spend some time at the bookstore prior to the event! This gave me the opportunity to grow my book collection by 4 books (including some new cozy mysteries)!

After a quick trip to the bookstore and McDonalds for some nuggets I headed back to the event location and got in line with the rest of the book lovers to see them in person. I usually try to get to author events 30-45 minutes prior (unless space is tight – in which case I have shown up 2 hours early before… haha). This event was no exception and while I waited in line they passed out some whimsical pens for the book release!

Once into the event – listening to these ladies talk was such a joy! They had so much to say about writing together, the romance genre, and how Katniss should have been with Gale (FALSE). I think my favorite take away, was how they addressed questions they are asked. How, as romance authors, they are asked rather inappropriate questions about the physical aspect of their books and how you don’t see Stephen King asked questions about murdering people. I thought that it was refreshing to see and hear them talk about the romance genre in such positive way, as this is a genre that for a long time had a negative stigma attached. I laughed along with them, but was so touched by how passionately they care about this genre and its authors.

The event ended with a signing/meet and greet with the author duo and it was so wonderful to talk to them! They are kind and lovely people and I being able to talk to them and let them know how much they have impacted me as a reader was amazing! That is my favorite part of any author event – being able to tell them how much their books/their works of art mean to me!

If you have never been to an author event, you need to! Whether it is a smaller event for a local author or a national tour for a well known author, these events are so worth it. Not only do you get to meet these brilliant authors, but you also get to meet other book lovers! Bonus – these events are usually free, OR they have you buy the author’s book as a ticket. Either way, it is worth it to support the authors and the bookstores that support them!

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