Coloring on the Rise

I have been so blessed and have been sent several lovely coloring book from Ink and Willow in the last year! These have all been thought provoking and powerful books and this newest addition to the collection of books they produce is no exception! This beautiful book of postcards that can be colored is titled Rise Up, and celebrates the strength and hope of Black voices! There was a book similar to this that came out prior to Christmas and this one is everything that was and so much more! Each image is beautiful and unique!

The images and words in this small book of postcards can’t help but fill you with love and joy as you flip through them and read what they have to say. To share just a few of the quotes and verses I love in this book:

“He Meant I should be FREE!”

-Harriet Tubman

“True justice is wrapped up in LOVE.”

-John Perkins

“Love one another as I have loved you.”

-John 13:34

“Move toward COURAGEOUS Christianity.”

-Jemar Tisby

Those are just a few of the MANY lovely quotes and verses in this book, and as the images show above there are gorgeous images to be colored as well. In total there are 24 cards, and what a lovely graduation gift this would make or maybe a gift for yourself. I can’t recommend enough the power coloring one of these in and gifting to a family member or friend has.

If you are looking for the perfect little gift be sure to pick one up TODAY as they are now out in the world! At just $12 this is something you can enjoy and will fill your life with some creative energy!

Pick one up HERE!

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