Joy in Jury Duty

I have grown up with a fear of jury duty. Being stuck in a room with a bunch of people for hours or days? No. Thank. You. Never did I think that Jury Duty would bring me so much joy as it did when I watch the show Jury Duty on Amazon Prime through Freevee.

This incredible show has a cast entirely made up of actors except for 1 person, Ronald. He thinks he is a part of a documentary on Jury Duty and it is the absolute best thing ever! This season of the series takes place over 9 episodes and is full of so many hilarious moments as well as moments that restore your faith in humanity!

First things first, Ronald is a seriously lovely human. He does not know any of these people are actors, and they really put him through the ringer. From the very beginning he works to make friends and be kind to those that are a little different and out there.

In addition to Ronald being a joy and an absolute gift to humanity and in this show, James Marsden also in the show! Are you not sure who James Marsden is? Ronald wasn’t sure either in the beginning, but soon figured out that he’s that guy from The Notebook (as the other man) and Sonic!

When all is said and done, Ronald is a true hero and the absolute best sport ever! Through the ins and outs of the trial and its antics. People blame him for stinky poops, he helps celebrate life events, and he stands up for those that are a “little different” in the group. It’s absolute artistry and I cannot recommend you watch this enough!

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