Creating a TBR Jar

Two days ago I got a serious bug to do something creative with mini book covers. I decided I wanted to make a TBR Jar! If you know me I have a TBR but I don’t have a TBR. I am a definite mood reader that grabs whatever catches their fancy, so this is meant to challenge me a bit more as a reader!

Once a month (at least) I will be reaching into this jar, swirling the books around, and picking one out that I have to read that month. This is also to challenge myself to pick up more of my physical books as I have a tendency to only read on my kindle and listen to audiobooks. Neither of those are bad things, I just need to read the physical books I also purchase! Once I finish the book I pull out, I will add a magnet to the back of the mini book and stick it to my TBR cart (that really isn’t a TBR cart) so I can track my progress!

So how did I go about making this? It was super easy and a little time consuming but I loved the process!

  • First I went through my shelves and picked out about 50 books I wanted to read.
    • After I did that I added them to a document and sized them how I like.
  • Second I printed those off, cut them out and wrapped them in packaging tape.
    • If you have a laminator, awesome! I do not so I got creative here.
  • Third, I waited for amazon to drop off my jar. Mine snaps shut because I liked how that looked!
  • Fourth – I decorated the top of my TBR Jar.
    • I actually decorated it twice because I liked the first image but it didn’t fit. The second time I made a collage with stickers I had and add the “TBR Jar” to that!

That’s it! In total it probably took me about 2 hours to finish it all up and I pulled my first book, Dairy, Dairy Quite Contrary (great name for a cozy mystery)!

I totally and completely recommend trying this out if you are a mood reader like me! It’s such a fun way to push your comfort zone each month and chip away at your physical TBR!

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