Paperwhite vs. Scribe

Okay – I made a TikTok a while back comparing the Kindle Paperwhite to the Kindle Scribe, since I currently own both and decided it was time to write up my thoughts on both. From the positives to the negatives I will give it to you honestly!

First things first – I got my Kindle Paperwhite back in 2018 (on sale for $80). I used it sporadically until about a year ago when I really started to use it consistently thanks to Kindle Unlimited. This past Christmas season I was blessed with a bonus from work and used that to purchase a Kindle Scribe, something I would not have bought otherwise. This was definitely a splurge as this Kindle is over $400 once all is said and done.

Kindle Paperwhite ->

The Kindle Paperwhite has a LOT of pluses to it, for the price and quality. A few things that I love are the size (perfect to fit in a purse or beach bag), the water proof measures and the practicality of this Kindle.

Size wise – it’s perfect. I usually toss this one in my purse or bag if I know I have a busy day and need a reading break, or if I am heading out to the beach or a park with family.

Water proof – I love this part of it! As someone who lives in Michigan we have access to LOTS of lakes and water in the Summer, so there is no lack of beach time. Having a “book” that can come with me to the beach and I don’t have to worry about is the best!

Practicality – honestly the most important part. It is the correct size, weight, storage, battery life – everything! It is perfect for bringing along on the run!

So, are there any negatives? For me the biggest one is actually the size of the screen. Size wise for traveling it is great, but looking at that tiny screen has always frustrated me, as I like screens a bit large. This is totally a personal preference, but it is really my one issue with it.

Kindle Scribe ->

The Kindle Scribe was MOST DEFINITELY a splurge purchase from this Millienial, but something I had been dreaming about. There are a LOT of great features on this Kindle that I use daily. I have really enjoyed the size, “scribe” portion and functionality of this Kindle!

Size – it is the PERFECT size in my opinion. Where the Kindle Paperwhite feels too small this is a size I love and look for when reading from a screen.

Scribe/Writing Capabilities – these are amazing! This is the primary reason I bought this Kindle and these are something that I use daily. Whether I am using a check-list or writing a handwritten note in a book, I love this aspect of this Kindle so much!

Functionality – this is the most function device/Kindle I have ever owned. I can use it for multiple things, from planning my weekly posts to pre-ordering my newest read. On top of that, you can email your notes to yourself, so you are able to get them off the Kindle!

I know you’re thinking – what are the negatives? It’s a little heavy/cumbersome if you like to read in bed. This is definitely something I had to get used to. While this isn’t a deal breaker by any means, and it’s not as heavy as an iPad, it is something I had to get used to!

Whatever you are in the market for and whatever your budget is, the Kindles are where it is at for reading books. I have owned a Nook, iPad mini and have tried reading from apps on my phone. Amazon and Kindle have this figured out so well, and the process of using these devices is so smooth. I can’t recommend them enough – seriously. If I had to pick one of mine to take with me on a trip – hands down I would now take my Scribe, but my Paperwhite is pretty much always in my bag or at my bedside table, just in case I need it!

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