The Perfect Hobbit Day

“I am in fact a Hobbit (in all but size). I like gardens, trees and unmechanized farmlands…” -JRR Tolkien

I woke up this morning not knowing that it would be the perfect Hobbit day, but here we are! The rain is falling this morning in Michigan and there is a chill in the air more like that of a Fall chill than and early Spring. I am currently cuddled up on my couch with my LoTR blanket and puppies and have no plans to move anytime soon!

So what makes for the perfect Hobbit day? How do you enjoy life to it’s fullest on these days? For me – these days are filled with things like putting on your favorite movie (today it’s The Fellowship of The Ring), making a warm cup of coffee or tea, and sitting down with your book or journal.

This morning my husband make an amazing pot of coffee (I think it was chocolate and molasses) and I got a large glass of orange juice and just sat on the couch with my laptop and Kindle. This is the COZIEST feeling in the world and I can’t recommend it enough. I would argue that it’s only like this if it’s raining, storming, or snowing outside – otherwise it just doesn’t “feel” like a cozy Hobbit day!

Also – for me I consider these Hobbit days because I quite literally consider myself a Hobbit, but maybe for you they are Hufflepuff days or even just cozy days in general. These days are so good for the body and the mind. Being able to step back and relax like this in your own home brings so much rest and refreshes your mind and body!

Now, will I probably still get some chores done today and do I eventually have to change out of my PJs? Yes, but it’s the simple intention of starting the day this way that makes all the difference. My heart feels light this morning and my mind is ready to take on the day ahead!

Is this a short blog post? Yes – but I hope it inspires you to make time for your own “Hobbit day” or let the lightly falling rain inspire you to refresh and relax today in the comfort of your home!

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