Creating the Perfect Story

Something that has brought me so much joy on my Bookstagram has been creating templates for my Instagram Stories. I have worked throughout the years to find what makes me truly happy on this platform and although my posts and style have changed over time, I finally got to my happy place!

I work through the App Studio by GoDaddy and it has been my favorite app for creating stories to date! I have tried a lot, from when Stories first started to this year and this one has the most versatility in my opinion.

I am able to use a lot of various templates, images, graphics and so much more! This is a process that is so fun and great for me as a creator. I am able to match my theming (sage and lavender) on my account, keep things clean and clear, and get my creative juices flowing!

So, why write a blog post about this? Well – it’s no secret a LOT of Insta users go through the stories vs. the images/videos. Why not share your content and who you are through those stories. Not only that, but it’s another creative outlet you can put your energy into. For me, I work in customer service and I always look for those creative outlets and this is something I love and enjoy doing to organize my account!

I highly encourage you give it a shot, even if you just create a Fit Check or a spot to track your reading and that’s it, it’s such a fun way to create and connect!

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