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In my opinion, if you are in the Millenial generation, you grew up with the peaking of the YA genre. I feel like YA was just gaining momentum as I went through high school and growing to what it has become today! Because of this – I think YA is so special to so many Millenials and the reason so many of us still enjoy reading YA.

This genre – while one I have started to grow out of in my 30s, is one that formed the reader I am today. Because of books like Twilight and Divergent and The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games – I fell head over heels with reading the dystopian genre especially!

What was it about the early 00’s that made the opening for the YA genre? Specifically the opening that was made for female protagonists… Did we finally reach a point in history that we were ready for the emergences of YA books? Was it the Harry Potter and Twilight craze of the 90’s into the 00’s that made way for more books for kids and teens? Whatever it was, it kicked the door down for everyone.

This genre is so incredibly loved now that there are huge portions of the internet dedicated to it. There are Bookstagrams and BookToks and literal fan clubs for some of these authors. I would argue that without the YA, the uptick in bookstore popularity wouldn’t exist.

On top of that, I would say those Millenials that pushed the YA genre to the forefront, have also brought about the wildly popular romance genre now! These Millenials, as they transition through life are also transitioning through genres and making books like romance novels (that were one embarrassing to pick up) incredibly popular again!

What will be the next genre we send to the forefront? Fantasy novels? Sci-Fi? Crime? (In my opinion – I can see true crime and mystery novels making a resurgence next!) Whatever it is, it always makes me so happy and proud to be a part of a group so obsessed and into reading that we helped save a books and bookstores! Is this a bold claim? Maybe, but I stand by it!

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