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2023 – The Year of Cozy Mysteries

I don’t know what I did to get myself on this kick, but 2023 is shaping into a year full of cozy mysteries! I ended 2022 by starting a few new series and was fully immersed in cozy mysteries by the start of 2023. Now here we are, 2 months into the new year, and I am OBSESSED with them. I have read a few other genres in conjunction with the mysteries, but nothing is currently holding a candle to them. I don’t know how to accurately relate my feelings on these books, but I love them!

I figured I would share a few that I love – but there are SO many out there. I have started and stopped a few but most of the series I have picked up have been instant winners for me!

First up is an audiobook series I got into, because several were free via the Audible App. I was looking for free cozy mysteries back in December and stumbled upon this one, A Haunted Library Mystery series. There are currently 6 books in this series available, with the 7th coming out in October this year.

If you are looking for a good mystery with a slight romance this is it! The romance is established in the first book, so the focus of the next 5 books is mostly on the mysteries, which I love! I do enjoy the romance in the books, but it doesn’t take front seat and that has been my issue with a few of the cozy mysteries I have picked up.

This series revolves around a library and our library protagonist, Carrie. Her life at the library is anything but ordinary, as she not only helps solve murders, but also has the ability to see ghosts. This is such a fun mystery series, and I highly recommend the audiobooks as well!

Next up is the Bookstore Cafe Mystery series! This series is at a total of 10 books, with the 11th coming out later this year. I love ALMOST every book in this one, with the exception of a few. This is another one where I was able to get books for my Kindle via Kindle Unlimited, making it a more cost effective series to read!

Other than the few books in this series that didn’t quite do it for me, I actually love the characters of Krissy and Vicki and their fun cafe/bookstore! I think their friendship seems genuine the Krissy’s connection to mysteries is especially fun! Each title has a tie in of sorts to how the victim dies (thus “Death by Coffee”) and always leaves me wanting a warm or caffeinated beverage of some sort!

I am not sure how the audiobooks are for this series, but like I said, having read them on Kindle they were very quick reads. They’re a great way to finish a stressful day, a low stakes cozy mystery!

This series is a more “new to me” series by Lauren Elliot. The A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery series, took me a bit to get into but once I did I was in love. I am coming up on finishing the 2nd book in this 8th book series and the 9th comes out later this year. This is another series I partially bought and partially borrowed through Kindle Unlimited and they are fairly quick reads.

Currently I am reading a few chapters each night before I head to bed, and I am loving them. The main character and our sleuth, Addie, took some getting used to for me but now I love her. The first book starts out TERRIBLY cheesy, but slowly progresses and now (as I near the end of book 2) I am fully invested in these quirky characters and their lives!

Last but not least with my recommendations is the Cozy Corgi Mystery series! I love when the main characters have a fun and quirky animal at their side and this series is no exception there! This is another one I was able to listen to most of free through Audible! If you haven’t checked Audible (or the Library I guess…) for free cozy mysteries before you are missing out!

This cozy mystery takes place in Estes Park, Colorado. This was the main reason I was intrigued from the start, as we had a family vacation there earlier this year! I will say, of all the cozy mystery series I have read, this is probably the cheesiest, but I still love it!

There are MANY others I have read and loved or read and DNFd, but I am going to leave it at these for now! If you are looking for something cozy, low stakes and with some mystery to it definitely check these out!

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