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New Year, Same Me (Kinda…)

I am NOT big on New Year Resolutions, but I love making goals for myself as we head into a new year. Each year they change a little, but I try to make them attainable and things that will make me happier. It’s always nice to start fresh with a new year and new goals!

Now, I meant to post this a few weeks back, but soon after January 1st, I took a trip down to Florida with my family and with that trip I took a bit of break from social media and posting in general for a little while! I am back now and we are in full swing, so here are a few things I will be focusing on this year:

  • Health:
    • This year I wanted to focus on my health more. Last year was a tough mental health year for me and it caused me to be less healthy in what I eat and how I work out. I started Noom (which has been amazing), and have also been doing yoga daily. In addition to those, I do Zumba once a week and we just invested in a new stationary bike that I am excited to use at home. Investing in yourself and your health – whatever aspect of it, it might be – this should be your top goal each year (in my opinion).
  • Devotions/Bible:
    • I am so bad at this one and so I try to adjust it each year to help motivate myself. I try to do some journaling and devotions in the morning each day, including my 3 Years of Joy journal from Ink and Willow. This is just a lovely way to start my day and adds to my mental health journey – starting the day the best way possibly.
  • Water:
    • This might go under health but I kind of make it its own goal… I am VERY bad at drinking water throughout the day so I motivate myself in many ways. I have a water bottle that shows me where I should be and when throughout the day as well as several 40oz tumblers I have been using to keep myself motivated. In addition to that I have an app on my watch and Noom that hold me accountable to drink water each day!
  • Reading:
    • Last year was such a BAD reading year for me. This was in part to my own mental health journey and focusing on that, as well as trying to figure out what made me happy to read. I didn’t read as much as I would have liked but I read a fair amount. My goal this year is to get to 100 books by the end of the year. This is entirely possible!! I got to 85 last year and that was after a very slow start! I also discovered that I love cozy mysteries, adult fantasy and historical fiction more than I originally thought. On top of that I read quite a few biographies and memories this past year that I loved, so I am looking for more to take on in 2023!

WHEW! I think that’s everything – thanks for following along on that! I am so excited for 2023 – last year was more of a rough year for me, but I learned a lot from it! I look forward to 2023 and the lessons it will bring as well as the JOY in store!

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