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Book Goals 2023

Blank. Slate.

I am someone who likes to set up goals at the start of the year – though never anything that is completely life changing. I like to set up a reading schedule, or workout schedule, for myself to set myself up for success in the year ahead!

This year ahead, after a rough mental year in 2022, I am setting myself up for success to start out this year. My reading goal on Goodreads this year (2023) is going to be 100! It is a lofty goal, considering my goal last year was 40 books but I am excited for it! I just got into cozy mysteries over the last few months and I am feeling rereads this year, because why not. I am so excited for all of these reading endeavors and can’t wait to share my journey along the way!!

I am also not one for TBRs but I thought I would share my January TBR with you all as well!

  • Death by Cafe Mocha (will finish up – started in Dec.)
  • Death by Hot Chocolate
  • Death by French Roast
  • Checked Out for Murder (will finish up – started in Dec.)
  • Death on the Shelf
  • Scornful Scones
  • Savage Sourdough
  • Cheddar off Dead (will finish up – started in Dec.)
  • Legends & Lattes

WHEW! That’s a lot but those are all such short and fun reads! These cozy mysteries are such a mood in winter and I would read them all day if I could.

I think that’s it for now my friends – happy reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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