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To Watch DWTS or Not To…

Well, I have been a faithful watcher of Dancing with the Starts (DWTS) for years now and I have seen it through many ups and downs (thought it has felt like more downs lately). For now I am going to just post about my thoughts on this season as it’s at its half way point and the move to Disney+ and playing live there on Monday nights.

First thought – the move to Disney+ was genius on the part of the producers. They eliminated the need for commercials and the definite end time which was an issue when it aired live on TV. This has really freed up time constraints for the show, even though they still have a set “run time” for each episode, it’s a bit more flexible. This is something that always bothered me with live TV because it felt so rushed, so that’s amazing!

Okay, I am going to balance out that positive with something negative… the hosts. Tyra was not my favorite host the last few seasons, she seems confused 90% of the time and has a hard time listening to the “people upstairs” in her earpiece while reacting on the floor. The one thing Erin and Tom had going for them is they worked well together, but because Erin interviewed for sports she had that component down. Some of the questions that Tyra asks feel so off and not in touch with what’s going on, so they brought in Alfonso Ribeiro to balance her out this year. As a DWTS veteran and someone who has worked with Tyra I thought there would be an improvement, but somehow they are more cringey working together. We’ll see if that chemistry and questioning improves with future seasons, but my judgement is still out.

Finally, the themed nights are SO much better than they used to be I think! With it being on Disney+ I think they have more liberties and freedoms as far as what they can do. There have been dance lessons in between, short team dances, fun packages and so much more! In addition to that there is more time spent talking and getting to know each contestant in these looser time constraints. You really start to get to know who these people are and I love that.

WHEW – okay, that’s it on my thoughts on DWTS that nobody asked for. But here you go and I am sure I will have more when the season finishes!

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