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Can also be found HERE.

How about some music to read by on this Wednesday? Little known fact about me, I actually went to school for Music Education, not only that but I LOVED to teach my kiddos about music history and movie music while I was still an educator. I am a FIRM believer in the power of music not just in our daily lives but also in our reading lives! When you have a good playlist, nothing can stop you from reading.

While I love to also have TV on when I read, I think it’s great to have an instrumental playlist going while you read as well (not at the same time as the TV obviously…). Some people can handle the noise and some cannot, so if you want to test out if this is something for you, I always recommend trying instrumental music first. Some movie/film music can be best for reading! If you put on a whole album of a film score on you seriously can’t go wrong!

I believe a good playlist has waves to it, it does not remain static, so this playlist reflects that! While it has its smooth moments there are also jarring moments of classical and film music. I highly recommend not skipping any of these songs but letting it move with you as you work your way through your book. You might be surprised how much you enjoy the changes!

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