OOTD-Midwestern Cowgirl

I thought it might be fun to break apart my outfit of the day or “OOTD” once in a while! I always love to shop deals and I think once you find your personal style, no matter what it is, it can be so empowering! My style really changes with my mood and the season, but one thing that stays true is my love for neutral colors. Though I love neutrals I push myself with color from time to time and stray from my normal beige, taupe and grey. Today’s outfit, though full of color also kept my safety net favorites in tact!

So basically, I got these new cowgirl (boy) boots and I wanted to wear them and then I was like, HECK we are going full country!! So I went full country with them! I’m going to break apart the pieces of this outfit (minus the leggings because you can get good leggings anywhere).

This adorable dress was bought on SUPER clearance from Jean Marie’s summer stock (around $15). It’s a gorgeous Mud Pie dress that I thought would transition perfectly into Fall and I was not wrong! Its so cute with the embroidery on gingham and makes you want to go square dancing or maybe have a picnic!

Next key piece to this midwestern cowgirl’s outfit, was the boots! These have been on my list since the end of July when I started to see them creep into other influencers closets and feeds. This particular brand is by Yoki Fashion and I again got them through Jean Marie’s ($58). I can’t tell you how much I love these boots! They are incredibly comfortable and with the slight heal, they give this short girl a little height!

Once I had the boots and the dress set, I knew I was going a cowgirl direction so it was time for some fun accessories!

  • I got these gold rimmed, pearl centered earrings a few weeks ago and I am absolutely in love with them. They are large enough that they make a statement, yet dainty enough to go with anything.
  • The necklace is SO unique as it has 3 gold hoops wrapped in a tan leather strip. Not only does this necklace give major boho vibes, but it’s also adjustable!
  • Finally the hat! I got this hat as a Christmas gift a few years back and have been really into wearing it this year! I am a hat person through and through, but many brimmed hats like this end up being too large for my head. Not the case with this one – as it fits perfectly!

Okay – this is definitely not going to be a daily thing for me, but I would love to share at least one of my outfits once a week. A huge part of this blog and my instagram are now fashion and I wanted to incorporate that in some way!

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