Jacquie’s Fall Favorites!

I’ve decided to make this a seasonal thing, and as we transition into the seasons I am going to share some my favorites (not before – because God knows we are already forced into seasons too early). I did a post similar to this during the summer and it was so fun to write and share seem of my favorites, from fashions to reads. I thought I would do it again, so here we go!

Did I discover a new kind of apple this fall that I absolutely love? You bet your butt I did! I stumble upon the SweeTango apple at Aldi last week and I fell in love! It’s like a mix between a Honeycrisp and Pink Lady apple and I love it! If you love apples and fall fruits this is a must and you have to check it out! Here is a LINK and a little more about it, but you can’t go wrong with this one! This is a new fall favorite to me and I can see it making a really good carmel apple, or even sliced and dipped into carmel!

I cannot emphasize this enough, the Oat Milk brown sugar creamer by Natural Bliss is INCREDIBLE. First off, I am actually lactose intolerant and I have always hated almond milk but I adore the taste of oat milk, flavored or not. This creamer is heavenly and pairs just as well with coffee as it does with a nice hot chai tea. If you are going to try a new creamer this Fall – this is your creamer!

Everyone loves a good dupe, right? Well these jackets by Zenana are an AMAZING Free People Dupe! The Free People quilted jacket will run you $198, while this amazing Zenana jacket will run you just $78 from Jean Maries. I personally own this jacket and I am obsessed with the style, fit and weight of it! It is perfect to wear as a jacket on its own, or even a shacket like piece as we transition to winter later on! I am a bit fan of the colors and acid wash as well, you just can’t beat this dupe!

I love the look of the Chelsea Boot and have owned several variations of them through the years, but these off white Chelsea Boots from Corky’s are to die for. They are so comfy and made so durably! My pair was purchased through Jean Marie’s but I am sure you can find them through other small boutiques!

The Lurella Fade color lipstick is a whole 90’s/fall mood! I am not one that wears a lot of lipstick, but when I do I love fun colors like this! I happened upon this by accident through a live sale on the Jean Marie’s shopping app and I thought – why not?! I am so glad I did because it is one of my new favorite colors. Its like a purple-y/brown color and it’s so fun! The compliments I get when I wear it always come pouring in!

Are you looking for a cozy mystery series to devour this fall? I was and I scoured the internet until I found the perfect one for me, Death by Coffee. This series is cheesy and adorable and full of mystery. I am currently on the 3rd book, Death by Pumpkin Spice and loving it so so much!! If you want to get the vibe for it before picking it up, thinking Hallmark Mysteries and it is right up that alley. This will be perfect for a rainy fall day at home! I am currently reading through the series on my Kindle, but honestly you could go to the library, the Kindle route or even grab the paperbacks as they are fairly inexpensive as well!

This amazing reading (tablet) pillow was a bit of a viral sensation at only $19.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond! If you had a coupon it was an even better steal. While I don’t think it necessarily is as structured as the image makes it look, it is soft and does the job! The softness alone is a win for me as I love a good cozy pillow, even if it is just for my books! While they no longer have the above pillow style in stock, they have one with another type of fuzzy material available HERE if you want to check it out! This would be a fantastic gift for a reader as well!

Whew! Okay – I think those are all of my “favorites” so far! I love each of these items and own or use each of them, so I can promise I have loved them! Also, I am not sponsored in any way by any of these companies, I just don’t believe in gatekeeping and feel strongly about sharing amazing products. ENJOY!

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