Fall Vibes and Reading Time

Well friends, we are at the wonderful transition time of year where we are transitioning from Summer to Autumn and I love it. Summer is my absolutely favorite season – I love sitting outside in the sunshine and soaking up all the outdoors time, but Fall is a close second. I love the crispness of the air, the dewey mornings and the cozy reads. I love pumpkin spice and apples and warm baked goods. Give me ALL the lovely Fall things! I figured as we transition I would share some of my favorites to help you get through this in between season that leads us to Fall!

Okay, all of the following have been books I have read as I transition from Summer to Fall and they are perfect for this time of year! I find that I gravitate towards fantasy, mystery, and books with “cozy” vibes this time of year and these books are definitely that!

  • Transitional Books
    • Death By Coffee (1st in series by Alex Erickson)
    • Kings of the Wylde (standalone/1st of duology by Nicholas Eames)
    • Kings Dark Tidings (1st in series by Kel Kade)
    • Legends and Lattes (standalone by Travis Baldree)

Next up, how about some transitional clothing for this time of year? If you took a look at the pictures near the top you would see a few of these items, but I wanted to share some of my favorites as this time of year can be so confusing clothing wise. In the mornings I am bundled up and by the afternoon I feel like i have stripped down to a tank top and shorts!

ALL of these pieces can be found at https://jeanmaries.com and I highly recommend checking out their App for GREAT deals as well!

  • Shackets (both shown above in the first 2 images)
    • I am OBSESSED with shackets as you can get all sorts of weights and styles. They are great to take to the office or use as transitional pieces on those chilly mornings when you need something a little more to cover up with.
  • Jeans (specifically more cut-off style jeans)
    • Jeans that are lighter and not “floor length” can provide a great transitional staple! A pair of black denim is not only stylish as well, but can cut as “not jeans” for those of you that might also be teachers and are looking for something comfy as we head into the colder months!
  • Dress (short sleeved)
    • I think that short sleeved knee length dresses are SUCH great transitional pieces! They can function as something you throw on a shacket and some sandals with in the morning and shed that shacket layer in the afternoon. As it gets colder, toss on some leggings and boots and you have yourself a great fall/winter outfit too! This is something that can be used year round!

Those are just a few of my favorite things as we transition into Fall. Expect more cute and cozy things as we continue to transition. I will FOR SURE be sharing lots more of all the cozy things from books to clothes to fall outings so tag along for the ride, It’s sure to be fun!

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