New Release Fall Fun

I don’t know why but Fall always feels like a time for new and amazing releases! Is it because Christmas is around the corner or do publishers know that Fall time is the cozy time? Either way I will not question it and accept all the amazing releases!

Two fall releases, coming out next week on Tuesday, September 6th, are these lovelies from Waterbrook & Multnomah (a division of Penguin Random House). I was so excited to be sent early copies of both of these items because 1.) I ADORE historical fiction and 2.) coloring is amazing and calming and everyone should be doing it!

First up, Still My Forever. This book (with it’s beautiful cover) is available NEXT week so get those pre-orders in now! I am in the process of reading this lovely book right now and it does not disappoint! Not only does it involve music (violin), but it’s historical fiction! What more could you want? Here is the preorder link: PREORDER

Here is a quick summary from Goodreads of the book:

Four years after leaving town to make a name for himself as a composer, Gilbert Baty has returned temporarily to Falke, Kansas. Now, he’s trying to keep everyone from learning the truth about his disastrous years in New York City. He hopes to start writing music again in Falke, but he can’t help being distracted by Ava Flaming, the brown-eyed baker to whom he was briefly engaged before he ended things–and who still stirs feelings in him he knows he has no right to pursue.

Ava had thought she was past the loss of Gil Baty. But to her dismay, she’s as drawn to him as ever. The situation only gets worse when Gil establishes a youth band in Falke, showing once more what a good man he is.

But when the band has a chance to compete in a statewide competition, Ava faces the prospect of heartbreak again. Could music take Gil away forever this time? Or might God be stirring in Ava’s and Gil’s hearts a new song that will draw them together for good?

The other item, the coloring book, I am so excited for its release into the world! This is actually something I looked through for this review and then promptly gifted to my mom because I KNOW how much she loves coloring. One of her favorite items is her Bible that has coloring in it, so I knew these Bible verse and nature images would be absolutely perfect for her! I was right because they can with her to our devotions at the beach this past week! These images are also perforated so they can be taken out and put in place and used for inspiration and encouragement throughout your day!

This amazing coloring book would be perfect for a teacher as the school year begins, or maybe you pick it up for yourself and enjoy the peace of coloring and reading God’s word! The coloring book also comes out NEXT week and can be preordered here: PREORDER

If you want to know more about either of these let me know because I would love to share with you all!

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