Summer Favorites

Okay, before you come after me, I know that Summer is not over! In my mind Summer still has a lot of time left to go here, so hold onto your PSL’s and check out some of my favorites so far this summer!

Found at: KEDZIE

First up, the Kedzie bag! This is my second bag from them and I am obsessed with it! This is a side bag and you wear it similar to how you would wear a small side backpack or Lulu belt bag. In my opinion this is the perfect size summer bag, but it also transitions great in Fall as well! This bag holds my wallet, mini fan, keys, sun glasses, chapstick, phone and a few other odds and ends with no problem! Kenzie also makes ADORABLE interchangeable straps that you could add for a touch of color as well! I have 2 bags/purses by Kedzie now and LOVE them!

Found at: GOODR

Next up are my Goodr sunglasses and I am obsessed with these as well! I currently have 5 pairs and I just want them all! Each pair comes packages in a great box with a travel bag. These glasses are all polarized, which I love, and very light weight (perfect for all the Summer activities). If the colors don’t hook you the names sure will! I can’t recommend these enough, especially with most ranging from $25-30. These are a steal and perfect for anyone!

Found at: SOK-IT

Next up is one of my favorite little things ever, the Javasok. I use this thing EVERY single day and I love it. This is the medium sized sleeve and fits over anything from a Venti up for Starbucks and similar coffee cups. What I love about this is it keeps your cup from leaving condensation everywhere. I work from my computer each day and I am always worried about spilling on my keyboard our getting it wet. This lovely little invention eliminates that fear for me and it comes in so many fun colors and sizes!

This is something new to me and a big summer favorite (as I have had it every morning this summer) and that’s Califia Farms Cold Brew (Mocha). This cold brew is amazing! I love that it comes ready to go with almond milk in it. It’s not too sweet but it’s such a smooth coffee and the perfect way to start a warm day! I buy mine from Aldi but have seen it in most major grocery stores as well! I 10/10 recommenced as it saves money and is the perfect treat to start the day!

Onto my favorite book(s) and author of the summer! That goes to Timothy Zahn and his Thrawn books, hands down. I went through 6 straight audiobooks of Thrawn content by Zahn and that was not enough! I can’t explain how well Zahn writes the Star Wars universe and specifically Thrawn. I was drawn in from the first book (seen above) to the 6th of the new books. If you like Star Wars or even sci-fi books these are a must to add to your list!

Found at: GLIKS


Finishing out with two of my favorite fashion items from the summer, some colorful sandals (these are from Gliks) and a light summer shacket (this one is by NewIn)! I can’t emphasize enough how much I love to be comfortable in the summer! I love cute new clothes but I loved even more when they are comfy! I picked up these sandals at the end of June and have worn them everywhere from date night to the Rocky Mountains, I seriously love them. This shacket, though newer, is similar to a few others I have. It is so light weight and PERFECT for those “chilly” summer nights by the campfire or on the boat. These two items have been so used and loved and while the sandals are definitely for summer, I can transition this shacket to fall and winter no problem!

WHEW! Okay, I think that’s everything for now, but I wanted to get those out in the world! I love these items so much and not only have they helped make my summer super enjoyable, they have also brought some joy to my every day life. Check them out or let me know if you already use any of these!

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