To Binge or Not to Bing

First off, I know I don’t have to say it, but sorry for the sparse posting lately! My sister recently got married so the last few weeks have been wedding crunch time with my family. I should be back to my normal daily posting schedule this coming week!

Okay – I have been thinking a lot about binging lately. Not your typical Netflix/Streaming Service Show binge, but instead a book binge! How many of us binge book series? How many of us wait for the whole series to come out before we read it? I have been going through the pros and cons of this in my head the last few weeks as I have been binging a few Star Wars book series and I think I have come to a conclusion and it’s not how I used to feel. I LOVE BINGING BOOK SERIES. There, I said it!

I did take some time to work out some pros/cons and I figured I would share them here if you are on the fence about binging a book series. I should say – this is not something I have really done until recently. I was all about reading one book at a time as they came out. Either way we are always waiting for that last book to come out so why not enjoy them all at once? Okay – moving on…. pros/cons of waiting for a series and binging it!


  • You don’t have to wait for books to come out!
  • You can decide right away if you want to buy the whole series or not…
  • Box sets or discounts on buying all the books in a series!
  • Not having to wait to find out what happens to your favorite characters.
  • Getting to stay in that world and not learn a new one (or relearn after waiting…).


  • Feeling like you have to finish them all before starting a new book.
  • Can be costly to buy them all at once instead of 1 at a time.

Honestly, I had a hard time coming up with Cons as I have been binging SO many series lately (mostly Star Wars) and it has been so beneficial and amazing!

Share your thoughts below… do you binge book series? Do you read as they come out? I would love to know!

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