What Star Wars Does Right. . .

Okay, hear me out whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, the Star Wars novels are works of art. Why, you might ask? Let me tell you, there are MANY reasons they are works of art and in many ways far superior to the movies and shows (with the exception of The Clone Wars – which is a work of art in and of itself).

First off, they do an incredible job of hiring some of not just the best Sci-fi but the best writers in general. The list of people who have written a Star Wars novel is long but it is prestigious as well! To give the names of a few, E.K. Johnston, Timothy Zahn and Chuck Wendig. These amazing authors take the amazing world that George Lucas started with Star Wars and have made it so much more. The way they write Star Wars brings everything to life, but fills in the gaps of things that might be bothering that Star Wars enthusiast wanting to know more!

The thing that really makes these books stand out though, is their audio versions. There are SO many things they do well with their audiobooks and I can’t begin to explain them, but I am going to try! The narrators are some of the best around. Something that makes these audiobooks so fantastic are the various voices done by the narrators. Each character has their own voice and this is something I rarely hear except in the Star Wars audiobooks. In addition to that, each audiobook has sound effects and music that constantly play in the background. This adds to the atmosphere of the audiobook in such a positive way and I can’t help but recommend reading them!

I can’t say this enough, whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, these books are a must. The writing is superb and the audiobooks are fantastic. If you are looking for something new or maybe to revisit some of your favorite characters this summer, these books are a must!

Be sure to check out Wookiepedia and the books listed below, you can’t go wrong!


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