Audiobooks are Books Too!

This blog post is going to turn into a mini rant, so I apologize in advance…I am going to touch on something that I think some of us still struggle with – AUDIOBOOKS! I am dyslexic and one of my favorite past times is listening to audiobooks, as reading a physical book can take me quite a while. I also appreciate audiobooks because I am able to consume so many more books during my driving time to and from work.

I have see so many people comment on social media or other avenues about how audiobooks are NOT the same thing as reading a physical book, and I am here to say that is just not true! When you pick up and audiobook not only are you supporting that author and their book, but you are also supporting narrators and making books accessible for all people.

When I say all people I am thinking of people like myself that struggle with dyslexia and have a hard time reading a physical book or even people unable to read a physical book. Audiobooks open the door for a whole new audience. My Dad, while he hates reading, loves audiobooks because it is like he is being dropped in the story without having to pick up the book himself.

Are you curious about the other benefits of reading an audiobook? Check it out in this article and go pick up a new audiobook today! https://www.chirpbooks.com/audiobook-lists-and-spotlights/are-audiobooks-good-for-the-brain

A few of my favorite audiobooks:

  • ANYTHING Star Wars (There are always sound effects!)
  • The Hobbit
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Under the Whispering Door
  • How to Think Like A Fish

One thought on “Audiobooks are Books Too!

  1. i absolutely agree! i have adhd and also struggle with chronic fatigue and chronic photosensitive (light sensitive) migraines and audiobooks are such a godsend! honestly, even if i *didn’t* deal with those things, i’d still think audiobooks “count as reading,” especially when you consider that the written tradition was only created to preserve the oral tradition. plus, if you look up research, scientists have found that your brain does basically the same kind of “work” when listening to an audiobook as it does when reading a physical book or ebook. the fact that the topic of audiobooks is still considered “up for debate” drives me up a wall, as both a disabled and neurodivergent person who *needs* audiobooks and as a reader who just plain *enjoys* audiobooks as well! thanks for the great post 🙂


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