Summer Reads and Refreshments

Since when did summer get here? Seriously though, I feel like it was just kind of blah by us for so long and all of a sudden it is BEAUTIFUL out and Summer has arrived! With summer’s approach I have a few iced beverages that I absolutely love, so I thought I would pair those with some fun reads!

First up – Tiger Tea! This tea is more of a tea/juice combo that I absolutely adore. I was first introduced to this concoction when I was a kiddo and I am still obsessed with it today!

This recipe is VERY easy and calls for orange juice, lemonade and green tea bags. The recipe itself can be found over at Taste of Home, but use this link to get there quickly: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/tiger-tea/

No, what book do I pair with this tasty and sweet tea? I chose Book Lovers by Emily Henry! I read an ARC of this lovely book in the Fall and it’s a great light hearted read to go with a sweet and cold beverage!

Next up – Galaxy’s Edge Cold Brew! This is a drink I was introduced to last week while visiting Disneyland with my sister last week and I have made it several times since! This amazing drink is VERY simple to make and will make you want more!

To check out the recipe and fun components of this drink you can head to this amazing blog over at Polka Dots and Pixie Dust and you can make this on your own at home!

What book to pair with this? Has to be Star Wars! I am a huge fan of E.K. Johnson so I went with the first book in her trilogy, Queen’s Shadow. This book and series follows Padme and is unputdownable! Grab some cold caf and this good book and settle in for a lovely summer day!

One of my favorites is next – Matcha Lemonade! I am a HUGE fan of this and constantly have a tumbler of it with me, no matter the season! This sweet and bitter drink always hits the spot. I started drinking Matcha almost 10 years ago, and while there are some forms I hate it in, lemonade is one I love it in.

If you are looking for the famous Starbucks dupe version of this drink you can check out the following blog post: https://cookingwithjanica.com/matcha-lemonade/ . Otherwise, I tend to grab my favorite Matcha (MatchaLove-sweetened) and my Aldi lemonade and I just mix those together!

What book do I pick to go with this grassy and bitter (yet refreshing) drink? I went with The Indifferent Stars Above which follows the bitter sweet story of the Donner Party and and their failures and triumphs! This book was amazing and included so much historic and scientific detail.

So, whether you are looking for a new book or a new beverage these are all sure to hit the spot this summer! I am a huge fan of all things iced tea in the Summer months so shoot me a message for any other delicious concoctions!

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