Vacation Packing

I’m sitting here this morning going through my mental packing check-list and I can’t help but go through what books I have. This vacation I am flying. I would usually prefer driving places, but driving from Michigan to California is a no go! As I go through my packing list I am thinking about clothing and toiletries, sure, but I always worry most about the books I bring.

First off, I ALWAYS pack too many books. This time around I have 3 hard copies of books and about 10 audiobooks cued up. Is this too many? You bet it is. Will I regret that? You bet I will, because they will take up space for any new books I might find, but there you have it!

The second and possibly the most difficult part is knowing which books to pack. Can I hear an “AMEN” on that? I have had trips where I read a book and want the sequel or another book I have at home. I am ashamed to say I have gone out to buy a duplicate for my book at home just so I can read the book I want to. I tried to feel out my mood this time, so I have a wide variety of audiobooks and a more concentrated genre of physical books. We will see how it goes.

Here’s my big question for you, my bookish friends, how do you pack books for vacation? What do you bring? Do you stick to vacation reads? Do you try to bring a mix? Do you, like me, overpack? Let me know and wish me luck as I head to the airport now!

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