Reading Journals 101

Every evening when I get home from work I put my stuff away, change, head to the couch and start my journaling for the day. I love my part of the day that deals with my journals because it gives me time to reflect on my reading not just for the day or the week, but the month overall. I currently am using a 3 year journal, my normal journal and an Owlcrate Reading journal.

A few things that make my journaling (specifically reading journal) successful:

  • Colored Markers — I like to add some color to my journal and I love the Paper Mate colored pens!)
  • Stickers — As silly as it seems, adding stickers, specifically to my reading journal, is incredibly fun and a great way to jazz up your journal.
  • Goodreads –I always have my Goodreads open and up to date while I journal so I can reference back to how I am doing with my reads and also work on my reviews.

The most important thing if you are interested in starting a reading journal is ROUTINE! I started a journaling routine around January at the start of the year and have remained consistent with it since then. Sometimes I journal earlier or later but I always make time for it. The hardest part about starting you reading journal is going to be the actual act of starting it. Getting in that routine takes about 20-30 days to really take hold. Take it from someone who has started and failed at journaling MANY times, it takes time to set up that routine!

In regards to what journal to use, it’s up to you! What do you like? Do you want a bullet journal? Digital journal? Pre-made journal? This JOURNAL (click word for link) is one of the closets I have found to the one I use and love! It’s not terribly expensive and is such a great tool to deal with anxiety as well!

I also thought I would include one of the best You-Tube video’s I have seen on creating your reading journal, so sit back, relax and enjoy the watch! Oh, and HAPPY READING!

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