Self Care & Books

The Magic of Books & Plants

Home is where you feel loved, appreciated & safe.

-Tracey Taylor

The above picture, the one with all the pretty plants and books, that’s my book room and that’s my home. This is my favorite place, it’s where I go for quiet and to write and I love everything about it. The 2 things that make it all of these things are my books and my plants! These add so much joy to my life and while I have accumulated lots of plants AND books through the years, I can’t help but smile when a new one gets added to the collection!

Currently throughout our house we have 17 plants scattered around, most are on or around bookshelves. While they require attention (watering, cleaning and pruning), they do not require constant attention and they add so much to my life and my shelves. There are several plants that I have found are easier to keep, not as high maintenace and will live through a week you might have forgotten to water…

My favorites/the easiest for me to take care of have been:

  • Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) –SO easy to care for and grows like crazy (fun to add to any shelf).
  • Pilea (Chinese Money Plant) –Another easy care plant, mine never gets direct sun and thrives nonetheless!
  • Spider Plant –This was one of my first and I have had her for over 5 years. So easy to care for!
  • English Ivy — This is pictured in the above shot, and has really taken off. It climbs over and around my shelves but isn’t intrusive in any way!
  • Philodendron –This lovely plant sits by my window but can live out of the direct sun and can last a while if you forget to water! They also grow like crazy and are just beautiful!

Needless to say, I can’t help but encourage everyone to add some plants in their lives and maybe even to their bookshelves/book room. Not only do that add some life to my favorite room, they add a splash of brightness to my life and my shelves! If you have questions about my plants or are contemplating your own plant purchases let me know! I wanted this to be a brief post with lots of plants and lots of room for everyone to think about what they might want to add to their own homes.

Happy reading!

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