Reading Slumps

Well, I’m back. I’m writing and reading again, finally, and I’m loving it! I feel like I can’t go 6 months without one of these slumps and a post about them. I usually try to talk through a reading/writing slump on here because it helps me to figure out why it happened. I also know other people struggle with slumps, so sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone!

First off, usually each of my slumps involves a stressful life event. You know what I mean? It doesn’t necessarily have to be something huge, but it’s usually something big-ish. Past slump starters have been things dealing with my job, family things or in this case buying a house. I feel like in these cases it’s super important not to get down on ourselves for not reading. I also think it’s important to acknowledge that these things are stressing us out too much to read, something we love to do!

After I see/notice that I’ve gotten myself in a reading slump I like to come up with a reading plan. Normally in a slump (especially one of these stress related slumps) I have a hard time picking up an actual book. I can’t concentrate long enough to read anything so I switch exclusively to audiobooks. Audiobooks are the absolute best for me in a slump! I’m able to listen to and enjoy an audiobook while working, running errands or exercising. When I say audiobooks help save me during a slump I’m not kidding. They literally keep my mind busy and off my stresses and continue to give me a way to read.

Sometimes though, I’m not able to read at all. During this last slump (all of June) I picked up one book. I couldn’t get into audiobooks and every time I tried to pick up a new read, I immediately put it down. In this case I took all of June off. There were a lot of life changes happening for me in June and although I love books, I didn’t have any energy to devote to them. And guess what? THAT’S OKAY! It’s okay to take a break from reading. It’s okay to step back. Always put yourself first.

So yeah, that’s how I approach slumps. I acknowledge them, try to tackle them with audiobooks but if all else fails it’s okay to take a break! I know none of this is groundbreaking or new information, but sometimes it’s good just to see you’re not alone. Life happens and sometimes we just have to roll with the punches!

Happy reading!!

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