A Bibliophile’s Vacation

We recently took our first vacation in close to two years and it was so incredibly needed after the insanity that was this past year! While I was preparing for our trip, as I do with every trip, I was preparing my check list of clothes and other necessities, like books and such… Our past trip was to Florida and I was craving some contemporary and romance novels so my packing mainly consisted of those. On top of the romance novels I packed several other bookish items and decided to share a list of the must have items for any book lover on a trip! I love to conserve space when I travel and I always try to take as few bags as possible so this is a fairly small list. If you pack heavier, by all means, expand the list!

Here we go, come pack with me. . . . .

1.) Book Sleeves

**Whether you are just traveling up the road or spending a week at a tropical getaway I highly recommend putting your books in book sleeves! They protect your books from any damage and there is nothing I hate more than damaging my own books. I have always loved getting sleeves from but if you go to Etsy and search for book sleeves there are so many out there!

2.) Book Marks

**This seems so stupids and simple, but pack something to use as a bookmark. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have gone on a trip and not had anything to put in my book. Usually I end up sticking a napkin or receipt in there because of that and because I refuse to dog ear my pages.

3.) Earbuds/Headphones/Audiobooks

**If you are like me and love a good audiobook in the car or plane or train while on a trip, you can’t forget your trusty earbuds! I usually pack my AirPods for if I am driving or just want one ear in and also my Beats for night time or if I want to block something out. I 10/10 recommend also downloading free library apps like Hoopla or Libby so you can download a plethora of audiobooks for your trip! This last trip I had 12 audiobooks ready to go through these apps, and while I didn’t listen to all of them it was wonderful to have them available.

4.) E-reader/Kindle

**I started traveling with my Kindle last year before Covid and I am never going back! I usually go to Netgalley and look for some ARCS that I would like to read/review and also check out Amazon for the deals on e-books before trips. This is a great way to take lots of books and is such an inexpensive thing to do! Also, you can download from your library as well!! Don’t have an e-reader? Use your phone and download the Kindle, Nook or even a library app to read a book on the go!

5.) Books

**Finally and most obviously I pack my books! I try to take about 2-3 hard copies of books on trips (in addition to my e-reader and audiobooks). Usually for a trip or vacation I don’t pack any kind of fantasy but more contemporary and romance novels. I like to have lighter things that I can enjoy and cruise through trips without giving them too much brain power and simply enjoying them. I used to pack fantasy novels and I have friends that cruise through them, but figuring out a new magic system on vacation is not my cup of tea. Give me all the romance novels!!

There you have it friends! None of the above is revolutionary nor is it really anything out of the box, but it’s how I get ready for and pack for a trip as a book lover. I also love to pack a few of my journals and pens just in case the writing mood strikes while I’m laying on the beach!


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