Warmer Weather and Mood Reading

Well, we’re at that time of year here in the states where we start to get to that warmer weather (specifically up in the Northern states by me)! You know what that means?? Time for those summer and spring reads to start to come out. I am a notorious romance reader this time of year, and YA contemporary books, so I thought I would break down my top five reads that are PERFECT as we head to warmer weather, and also just lovely light hearted reads for this time of year.

1ST–> The Hating Game: This book is just a super fun read. If you need something lighthearted, swoon worthy and just a wonderful romance this is it! I read this book last year and I can’t stop thinking about how much I loved this book and the story behind it! This is a must anyone looking to have a light and happy reading load.

2ND–> Well Met: This is another book I read last spring while in quarantine and not able to get to my own job. This book took a really dark situation and made it so much lighter. This is another great enemies to lovers novel and is such a fun summer themed one as well. This takes place almost exclusively in the summer and will make you want to head to a renaissance fair the moment you start it!

3RD–> The Unhoneymooners: This is one I read a few years back now, but it was such a great tropical romance novel. The story was like nothing I had read before and brought such a great romance and relationship to the pages. If you have ever read anything by Christina Lauren you know how good their novels are and this one is no exception. It is light hearted and deep and perfect for vacation or summer!

4TH–> Surviving Adam Meade: Unlike the last three, this book is YA. I read this book January 2020, as I was working my way through YA contemporary/romance. This lovely book gave me the best kind of high school nostalgia and the relationship was to die for. I am all about a good sports romance too and this checks all those boxes as well. 10/10 recommend this if you love a good high school sports romance!

5TH–> Shipped: While the others I have read in the last year or two, this book was just finished last week. It’s the perfect read to thaw out the winter and get you ready for spring and summer! If you love anything by Christina Lauren this falls under that umbrella of romance. This novel wasn’t too steamy, but it had a great romance, some amazing sister moments and of course friendship. I adored the setting and the attention to conservation by the author as well!

Those are not in any sort of order that you should read them or from best to worst. These books are all AMAZING! I would highly recommend any of these if you are looking to either add a lighthearted read to your life or are hoping to thaw out from a cold winter. All of these authors have crafted lovely books, each unique and incredible in their own read. Pick one up and enjoy, because you can’t go wrong!


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