Reading Slumps & Getting Out of Them

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

We’ve all been there, that moment you sit down to read and just can’t anymore. I’ve already had two reading slumps this year and we’re not even through the second month of the year here! I have tried and failed to understand why they happen. It’s just like one day I’m not in the mood to read and then I just can’t get back into it after that. I have a couple of things I have done to combat this though, especially in these winter months where motivation is at a low.

First off, I turn to audiobooks. Audiobooks have been my lifesaver, pulling me right out of the slump 9 times out of ten. For those of you that like romance, I would HIGHLY recommend the Bromance Book Club series! These audiobooks are fantastic and have helped me get back on my feet and back to reading already a couple of times this year. They are easy reads/listens and keep me entertained the entire time. If you aren’t so much into the romance but maybe love some sci-fi, the Star Wars audiobooks are ALL superb as they include dramatic readings, sound effects and even music. These audiobooks really set you into the story and are perfect for anyone in a slump!

Secondly, I have been turning to graphic novels and comic books more to help with slumps. I find that sometimes it’s just the traditional book that’s causing me to turn away. I might not feel like reading a massive novel, but a graphic novel or comic feels more approachable for me. The illustrations keep me engaged while the story works seamlessly with them. I highly suggest Bloom for something light or Displacement if you are looking to read something a little deeper. As far as comic series go, you can’t go wrong with Star Wars or even some Captain America (really anything Marvel). I have also enjoyed some of the Riverdale and Archie comics when I need something a little more fun/ridiculous too!

So, there you have it! That’s how I combat a bad reading slump. Both February and January started with bad slumps for me and both of these things helped me get through that and I am eternally grateful for them! They’re simple and maybe you use them already, but if not hopefully they’re helpful for you too!


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