The High Republic of Reading

I have spent a good chunk of my life obsessed with Star Wars and it’s not ending anytime soon! I was first introduced to the original trilogy when I was 8 years old and the first Star Wars movie I saw in theaters was Revenge of The Sith. I still remember the awe of seeing these films for the first time and how obsessed I was with the stories and the strong characters. These films transported me to another world and initiated my love for all things space and sci-fi.

Love or hate them, the return of the sequel trilogy was a highlight of my early 20’s and now as I near my 30’s I find myself captivated by the shift to The High Republic. The books and comics that are currently out or in the works of coming out are amazing and I can’t wait to see where they take this story.

I picked up Light of The Jedi a few weeks back, via audiobook, and instantly fell in love with these new characters. The new Jedi that were introduced have such rich stories and it was so fun to see a younger Yoda mentioned and referenced throughout the book. Not only that but we get to see an era of the Jedi not yet touched by Palpatine. If you have read the original Star Wars novels, this felt so similar to the feel of some of those novels have to them.

The think I liked most though, was how the new comic flowed seamlessly from the book Light of The Jedi. I picked up the comic upon finishing the novel and it literally picks up right where the novel lets off. This was such a pleasant surprise and helped with the continuation of some amazing new Jedi stories! I am so excited to read the newest comic as well as the new book by Claudia Grey. There is also a sequel to Light of The Jedi set to come out this spring and I look forward to that so much!

I have so much appreciation and respect for how they have been incorporating the novels into the films and shows up to this point. I think it’s fantastic for those who love to read, but also is fine for those who don’t as you could read these or not and still enjoy the films and shows. I 10/10 recommend picking these up though, especially in audiobook form for the novels, as they are remarkably detailed and such a fun filler as we wait for the next installment of movies and shows.

Happy reading!!

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