I’m Back!

Well hello to the handful of people that follow this blog and people that will inevitably read this sentence and then close out. I’m back and ready to roll with my blog again. Let me just say, teaching through a pandemic is no walk in the park and from Thanksgiving until now has been a little stressful to say the least. So, how about a reading and writing update from me? Sound good? Okay, here we go…

First off, the reading update. Here it goes, there isn’t much of one. I have barely read from Thanksgiving to now due to life and teaching and the constant changing schedule of my job. I have MAYBE read 4-6 books total, which is so many less than I had been up to this point (after reading 140 total in 2020). I will say my favorite reads were the first two books of the From Blood and Ash series. I am OBSESSED with those books and so look forward to reading the rest of them and sharing the reviews.

Okay, writing wise I fell off the earth, friends. It was so bad. Seriously. SO. BAD. I wrote zero words in my manuscript in December. My goal is to finish my book by my birthday on March 3rd, so I think I am going to start writing again this weekend. I am making it a daily go to write at least 500 words a day (but aiming for closer to 1,000). That’s what I am hoping for, fingers crossed and God willing I can make this book happen!

That’s it for this check-in! Just wanted to hop on, say I’m alive and that more reviews and writing updates are on the way!


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