Audiobooks-Where to Start?

I listen to A LOT of audiobooks and constantly post about them on Instagram. Lately I’ve been getting more questions about what apps I use to listen to them and what some of my favorites are, so I thought I would break it down to the 4 main apps I use/have used.


First up is Audible. This is a paid subscription app that I used for about a year before I learned about Libro FM and switched to that. Audible is a great streaming service and if you have an Amazon you can manage through that or through the Audible site/app. The things with Audible is that there are some exclusive audiobooks that are only available through them. Love or hate that, it does keep people coming back. Also, once you buy your books, they are yours to keep, whether you keep paying for the app or not.

Libro FM:

Next is Libro FM, it’s like the Audible, but through your favorite local indie bookstore. The great thing about Libro FM is that when you start your account you can link it to a local indie, that way they are benefitting from the sale of the audiobooks! Libro FM is able to be accessed and updated through the app as well as the site. Though I no longer use/pay for this app I highly recommend it, as it benefits indie bookstores! Just like Audible, once you buy your books, they are yours to keep, whether you keep paying for the app or not.


That brings me to hoopla which is free through your library. It is an app and it does ask for your library card number to access it. Hoopla has ebooks, audiobook, cd’s and movies on it. The nice thing about hoopla is that everything on there is available immediately, so there are no wait times. Sometimes you can find some real treasures on it, but usually they aren’t the new releases that are available on this app. Since it’s through the library the best part of this app is that it’s free, you just can’t keep the books (obviously) like Libro FM or Audible.


This is the app I am currently using and am obsessed with. This app is through the library as well and has all the news books and audiobooks available through it. The only downside of this app is that you may have to wait a long time for a book. The longest I have waited for a book was 20 weeks, but most books I have read have been a 2-4 week wait time which isn’t bad if you set up your holds in a way that books show up every two weeks. You can also delay getting a book if it comes while you’re still working on a book which is great. I use this app daily and it makes listening to audiobooks a breeze and free!

There are other apps out there, but these are the main 4 I have used or still use. I would honestly recommend any of these, but Libby is my favorite and the most convenient for me to use at the moment. Whatever you choose or use, you can’t go wrong because they’re all ways to access audiobooks!

Happy reading/listening!

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