Summer Reads

Okay, if you are like me you love to read specific things in the summer (or really each season has it’s own genre…). For me I love to read romance and contemporary in the summer, but as we transition to Fall I usually get into more of a Fantasy type of mood. Since we are already to the 4th of July I thought I would share some of my favorite Summer reads from the past few years and one’s you should check out this summer!

Anna & the French Kiss

I read this book and series 3 summers back and loved it. If you love sweet and not steamy romances this book and series is perfect! I particularly love that each of the 3 books in this series link together in some way or another. This is a YA series as are most of the books I read.

Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee

I read this boo last spring and fell in love with it. If you are craving a novel on friendship this summer this is it! Jeff Zetner does an amazing job bringing these quirky friends and their lives to life for the reader and you can’t help but love them!

Love & Other Detours

So, these are two separate books that you can soon buy as one book, but this includes Love and Gelato and Love and Luck. Both of these stories are perfect summer reads, involving travel, love and family. I love the coming of age aspects of them as well as the strong family tie ins that Jenna Evans Welch uses.

You’d Be Mine

I read this book this past summer and fell in love with it. If you are a fan of country music this is a fun nod to that. The characters and the book is centered around the music industry and the pressures of that, but it includes a romance for the ages. I highly recommend this if you love a good love story!

These are just 4 to get you started, there are dozens and dozens more I could share that I have enjoyed as summer reads. Like I said, summertime for me is a time to read romances and contemporaries, but if you’re looking for other recommendations feel from to head over to the contact page and reach out! I would be happy to share some of my favorites!


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